Information related to coronavirus

Only together will we get the coronavirus under control! That is why in Zuid-Limburg we stick to the government's roadmap. Check the websites of the providers for current measures for catering, cultural institutions, cinemas, museums, accommodation facilities, saunas, casinos and libraries.

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Waking up in Zuid-Limburg

Find the perfect place to stay

After such a night you will feel reinvigorated and ready for a new day full of adventure! Wake up to the sound of singing birds, pull back the curtains and welcome a new day. Mmm, that wonderful smell of fresh coffee and freshly baked rolls. You’re not dreaming, you’re in Zuid-Limburg!


From design hotel to small family hotel, in the heart of a historical city centre or in the middle of a forest: no matter the choice of your hotel, in Zuid-Limburg you can be assured of that ultimate holiday feeling. 

Château hotels

Once the home of a rich baron or powerful count, nowadays a luxurious retreat with majestic hotel rooms, where you can spend the night in style.

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Bed and breakfasts

In our B&B’s you will experience that feeling of a home away from home. Here, your day will start with a scrumptious breakfast, prepared with love by your host or hostess.

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De Puthof

Sleeping at the farm

A children’s feast and an oasis of peace for the parents: sleeping at the farm is a truly unique experience. Stroking calves, feeding goats and counting sheep:you’re sure to sleep like a baby!

Holiday homes and apartments

Enjoy a family holiday in a cosy and comfortable holiday home or apartment. The kids will romp around in the garden, while Dad is baking pancakes and Gran enjoys a cup of coffee out in the sun.

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Limburgs Sjoenste met zwembad

Holiday parks

Located on the most beautiful locations of Zuid-Limburg you can find cosy and comfortable holiday parks for the whole family. The perfect starting point for an unforgettable holiday.

Campsites and Motor home parking

Experience Zuid-Limburg at its best by camping or caravanning in the middle of the beautiful countryside. Lay your head to rest and enjoy the peace and quietness.

Group accommodations

Enjoy a relaxing or active get away together with colleagues, family, friends or club.

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