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Only together will we get the coronavirus under control! That is why in Zuid-Limburg we stick to the government's roadmap. Check the websites of the providers for current measures for catering, cultural institutions, cinemas, museums, accommodation facilities, saunas, casinos and libraries.


Select your accommodation out of hundreds!

Zuid-Limburg offers a wide variety of options in a small space and not just in terms of leisure activities. Even with the overnight accommodation, the region has plenty to offer: one to five star hotels, spa resorts, castle hotels, design hotels, bed and breakfasts, cosy family-run guest houses, apartments, or apartment hotels. There is something suitable for everyone here!

If you prefer self-catering and closeness to nature there is a range of bungalow parks and campsites to choose from. A very special experience too, is what we call farm camping.

Overnight stays in Zuid-Limburg

  1. Hotels

    Hotels Are you looking for the perfect hotel for your holiday or short trip in the South Limburg region? Click here to browse a variety of one to five-star hotels!

  2. Castle hotels

    Castle hotels The region is famous for its many castle hotels.

  3. Bed & Breakfasts

    Bed & Breakfasts Experience a home away from home in one of the region’s cosy Bed & Breakfasts. Your host will welcome you with a smile and give you some handy tips!

  4. Holiday homes

    Holiday homes For many people a holiday home is the ideal type of accommodation. They have the place all to themselves and they can cater to their own needs.

  5. Holiday parks

    Holiday parks If you and your family prefer to cater to your own needs and want to be close to people and nature, then a holiday park is exactly what you need!

  6. Campsites

    Campsites The Dutch are known for their love of camping and there are numerous campsites to explore in South Limburg.

  7. Camping on a farm

    Camping on a farm Would you like to pitch your tent in between donkeys and goats? Farm holidays and campsite holidays are equally fun, so why not combine the two by taking your family to stay on a farm?

  8. Group accommodation

    Group accommodation Click here to find group accommodation for your class, club, or friends and family!

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