Twee wandelaars wandelen in een sneeuwbui door een wit bos

Have a save visit
in Zuid-Limburg

A warm welcome!

Zuid-Limburg is a popular vacation destination and the nice thing is: there are a lot of undiscovered places where you can walk, cycle and enjoy nature with the most beautiful views. On this page we give tips for a well prepared visit to Zuid-Limburg.

Lockdown in the Netherlands

In the interest of public health, the Dutch government has decided that the Netherlands will go into lockdown from Sunday, December 19 through at least Friday, January 14, 2022. During this period, all restaurants, non-essential stores, events, theaters, cinemas, museums and concert halls will be closed. Pickup and delivery will still be possible. Essential stores such as supermarkets and drugstores will be open until 8 pm. It is mandatory to wear a mouth mask and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Our Visit Zuid-Limburg Shops are also closed, but of course we will be available online and through our social media channels. Follow us for the latest updates or email us with questions.

Uitgestrekte heuvels met een laagje sneeuw en een paar wandelaars
Een winterwandeling in het bos op een pratsjig paadje

Holidays in Zuid-Limburg

For all stays longer than 12 hours, proof must be provided that one:

a) has been vaccinated
b) has recovered from an illness with the coronavirus; or
c) has a recent negative test result.

This corona-certificate must be carried (as a QR code) when entering the country! Children under 13 years of age are exempt from this corona-certificate requirement. 

Negative test - requirements
Both a PCR test and an antigen test (rapid test) are accepted. A self-test is not allowed. A PCR test may be maximally 48 hours old, an antigen test maximally 24 hours. 

A short trip to Zuid-Limburg

Avoid crowds

Maybe you can imagine it: the first snow of the year has fallen and everybody is going outside to sled from the snowy hills. It can be quite crowded. Try to plan your excursion or winter walk during the week and stay in your own area or near your holiday home on the busier afternoons. Visitor numbers also vary from place to place. Some attractions, such as the Drielandenpunt and the hike along the Christmas Cribs in Schin op Geul, get crowded quickly.

Keep your distance

It's so easy: keep 1.5 metres distance from your fellow human beings. Look ahead, make room and behave in an exemplary manner in pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Keep your distance from each other as a pedestrian and cyclist, but if you're on a bike, keep 1.5 metres distance from pedestrians too. Finally, there are narrower and busier paths in Zuid-Limburg. With a little patience and friendliness, it's no problem. Hold on to that holiday feeling!

Mistige Ochtenddauw

Discover nature

Set your alarm clock a little earlier or use the weekdays to go out. Then it's less crowded and you have more chances to see wild animals! Also discover the less crowded nature reserves in Zuid-Limburg. We have listed them for you. Let yourself be surprised!

Safe leisure time regulations together in a row:

  • For all stays longer than 12 hours, a Corona-certificate is required
  • You need to wear a face mask in public buildings
  • You need to keep 1.5 metres distance, when there is no Corona-certificate required
  • Avoid crowds
  • Follow the route clockwise
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Dispose your waste

Only together we can keep the coronavirus under control. That's why we in Zuid-Limburg are sticking to the national government's roadmap. Find out more about current measures on the websites of the businesses.

Heading to Zuid-Limburg without worries

Lockdown in the Netherlands

The Dutch government recommends staying home as much as possible and avoiding crowds. Do you want to go out in Zuid-Limburg or do you have a vacation planned here? Then head out safely with our tips.