De Vondst: Centrum voor Archeologie in Limburg

Searching for traces of the past. Because it's interesting? Because you want to know more about your ancestors? Because you want to better understand your own history?

Or because you want to make connections between the present, the past and the future? At De Vondst in Heerlen you have come to the right place.

It is the place for everyone who is curious about archaeology! At the Vondst you experience the process of an archaeological find. From the location to the exhibition in the museum display case.

Here you will discover what needs to be done before an archaeological find ends up in a museum display case. Archeology starts with fieldwork. Then you will identify the find; so thinking. Finally, there is conservation and restoration.

This is no different in De Vondst. You make all the steps of the archaeological process with it. And, if you want, you can participate and watch yourself. Every Wednesday there is an archeo hotspot where you sort and identify finds yourself.

Or join a tour of the Archaeological Depot or the Restaura restoration studio and experience what a real archaeologist or restorer does!
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