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Only together will we get the coronavirus under control! That is why in Zuid-Limburg we stick to the government's roadmap. Check the websites of the providers for current measures for catering, cultural institutions, cinemas, museums, accommodation facilities, saunas, casinos and libraries.

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In the rush of today’s modern life, where things move at lightning pace and you can never stop to sit down and draw breath for fear of being left behind, the Free Your Mind itinari allows you to escape from daily stresses and demands that threaten to overwhelm. Seeking to provide you with the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body through learning about some of Europe’s most spiritual destinations, giving you the chance to understand Europe’s spirit, and your own.


Selected locations in South Limburg

American Cemetery

This is the only American Second World War cemetery in the Netherlands. More than 8000 servicemen were buried here. Each year on the last Sunday in May ‘Memorial Day’ is celebrated here. The American Cemetery is a very serene and impressive site and a peaceful place to visit. Youngsters can experience a part of the history of Europe: WW2 and the liberators: the American soldiers, with their own eyes. They can almost feel the loss of lives at this location, with more than 8000 crosses lined up.

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Thermae 2000

Thermae 2000 is a spa at the top of a hill in Valkenburg, with magical views. There are in- and outside thermal baths, sauna’s, steam baths, whirlpools, beauty treatments and spa programs. This spa has the cleanest water in the Netherland with thermal forces, purified by hundreds of meters of deep soil and marl layers. Thermae 2OOO has a lifestyle department, where professional lifestyle and dietary improvement is given by lifestyle coaches.

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Barefoot Park

Our dress code is bare feet, so take off your shoes, roll up your trousers and start walking! It’s your choice whether or not you want to walk over the obstacles. Nothing is mandatory, but anything goes! Get to know the nature in a very exciting and sometimes challenging way, by feeling with your feet. This way you can experience nature from your head to your toes! We are open in any weather. The beautiful forest is in fact the most wonderful and natural umbrella providing protection from sun and rain.

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Monastery Wittem

In the 18 th century the owner of Castle Wittem had built a chapel and a monastery.The pastoral care was at first entrusted to Capuchin fathers, later to the Redemptorists. Klooster Wittem has national reputation for St. Gerard Majella, who has developed into a counselor for many people, he - often miraculously - offered assistance and help. Each year more than 150,000 people visit this pilgrimage.

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Romeinse Katakomben

Museum Romeinse Katakomben is a historical Roman museum. In our underground passages you will discover the ancient Rome of the third and fourth century. ou will discover an underground labyrinth with burial chambers, underground architecture, and early-Christian paintings, which are really breathtakingly beautiful. The mystical labyrint is a spiritual experience in itself.The visitors are surrounded by a deep and intense silence and darkness, accompanied with nothing more then the light of candles and the guide’s petrol lamp.

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Abbey Rolduc

Ailbertus of Antoing founded the imposing abbey dwellings in 1104. For centuries it was a monastery for Augustinian canons, later becoming a seminary for priests. Now the abbey is used as a hotel and conference center. It is one of the most important religious monuments in the Netherlands and the largest abbey complex in the Benelux countries and is on the UNESCO list of 100 most important monuments of the Netherlands.

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Museum Vaals

Museum Vaals is a situated in a former convent chapel, where more than 200 church images of 1 up to 3.5 meters overwhelm the visitors . Guests will receive information about the significance of the name and patron. There is also a large park with lots of religious art and a beautiful Lady Chapel. Visitors have the possibility to learn more about the catholic faith, the saints and their significance.

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Mondo Verde

Be enchanted and mesmerized by the marvellous world of Mondo Verde, the Green World. It provides fun, contemplation, natural beauty to be enjoyed by all ages. Take a unique global journey through the gardens of the world. You could start in the tropics and meander to the colourful jungle of the birds. Meet with around 130 different species of animals, face-to-face: lions, monkeys, camels and many more. In this environment you can really find your connection with nature again.

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Underground chapels in caves

The Geulhemmer quarry near Valkenburg) has an underground network of approximately 25 kilometers. One section is open to visitors. Remarkable places in the cave include the hidden chapel dated from the French Revolution, Block Breaker Museum, Orange Gallery with medallions of the House of Orange, a Fossil Museum and the rock house. There are guided tours to visit the underground chapels in caves in and around Valkenburg.

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Abbey Lilbosch

This abbey is surrounded by forests, farmlands and meadows. Largely, the complex was built in 1883. It includes a monastery building with block-shaped gate building, the round-built residential buildings with a neo-Gothic chapel and a closed farm. The monastery Lilbosch was elevated to abbey in 1912. In 1968, a part of the  abbey was sold for the construction of a modern psychiatric clinic.

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City Walk Old Town of Sittard

The walk takes visitors along the old citywalls of Sittard. The historical Stadstuin (city garden), Fortification Sanderbout, the Basilica (the first church in the Netherlands which has been elevated to basilica) and the historic Market square are also brought to the attention. Sittard is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. It is also possible to book a guided tour that introduces visitors to the history, the monuments, the city figures, pictures, facades and walls, churches and the famous fort.

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