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Best Travel Destination in the World: Parkstad Limburg!

Winner of the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2016! Watch video

Parkstad Limburg has been announced winner of the Tourism for Tomorrow Award in the category ‘Best Travel Destination in the World’!!

WTTC stands for World Travel & Tourism Council and is located in London, United Kingdom. Each year this global authority on Travel & Tourism recognises destinations which show commitment to supporting and delivering sustainable tourism practices. The Netherlands have not been nominated for a WTTC Award ever before, let alone a region in The Netherlands as best travel destination. All of us in Parkstad Limburg, Zuid-Limburg, Limburg, are extremely proud!


The Tourism for Tomorrow Award was announced on April 7, 2016 in Dallas (US).


From Brownfield site to Greenfield land

Over the last 15 years, Parkstad Limburg has transformed itself from a former grey industrial mining district into one of the greenest urban areas in The Netherlands. For years entrepreneurs and councillors have consequently included tourism, culture and nature as key performance indicators in their development strategy, and together they have succeeded creating a vibrant and sustainable economy. 

What Parkstad Limburg has to offer

Parkstad Limburg is a beautiful region for recreation and relaxation. With a number of recently created attractions, natural beauty sites and a variety of cultural activities in the cities, Parkstad Limburg has succeeded in reinventing itself and has put itself on the tourist map. Almost all attractions and places of interest are located within a short, 10 minute car journey of each other. There is so much on offer that a 1 day visit simply is way too short. You must stay longer than that!

More information on the award presentation

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    WTTC Click here for the WTTC and Tourism for Tomorrow Award website

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