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Only together will we get the coronavirus under control! That is why in Zuid-Limburg we stick to the government's roadmap. Check the websites of the providers for current measures for catering, cultural institutions, cinemas, museums, accommodation facilities, saunas, casinos and libraries.

Outdoor activities

Parkstad Limburg does the 'park' part of its name justice....

Parkstad Limburg does the 'park' part of its name justice.... Parkstad Limburg is above all, green. Large stretches of moorland, beautiful nature reserves, kilometres of hiking trails, cycle and bridle paths. You name it they have it. And if that still isn't enough, take to the air!

Top 4 activities in Parkstad Limburg


Mountain-biking along the moorland of the Brunssummerheide

The route around the Brunssummerheide has been in existence since 1992, making it the oldest mountain-biking route in Zuid-Limburg. The route is exciting and challenging, with many single trails and climbs, both short and long. The greater part of the route goes through woodland, with a sandy surface. The paths have been specially created for mountain bikers in many places, to preserve the hiking trails.

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Discover the Roode Beek

The Roode Beek nature park is situated in a large, cross-border nature reserve, and takes its name from the stream running through it. Take a hike in this area, and walk from the Netherlands to Germany and back. Or follow one of the Fietsknooppuntensysteem cycle routes. Are you travelling with a group? Take a ride in a horse-drawn wagon, and see the Highland cattle, which sometimes block the path!

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Horse-riding in Nuth

Nuth has everything the horse-lover could wish for! From horse-riding trails and bridle paths to riding schools, accommodations and special horse events such as 'Dag van het Paard' (The Day of the Horse).

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High above the ground

Float high in the sky, with only the sound of the wind in your ears. Go cloud-hopping for hours. Hang around in thermals, accompanied by birds of prey. Anyone form 7 years can fly in a two-person glider. The Eerste Limburgse Zweefvlieg Club for gliding is situated in Schinveld. They offer accompanied flights. Who's up for it?

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