wandelen bemelerberg bemelen mergel krijt

Have a safe visit
in Zuid-Limburg

A warm welcome!

Zuid-Limburg is a popular vacation destination and the nice thing is: there are a lot of undiscovered places where you can walk, cycle and enjoy nature with the most beautiful views. On this page we give tips for a well prepared visit to Zuid-Limburg.

Avoid crowds

You may have an image of it: a sunny weekend in Heuvelland... It can be quite busy. Try to plan your hike or bike ride during the week and make a loop around home or your holiday home during the busier afternoon. The busyness also differs per location. Some attractions, such as the Drielandenpunt, Valkenburg and the surroundings of Epen, for example, are quickly crowded.

Uitzicht over een bos met mistige ochtenddauw

Discover nature

Set your alarm clock a little earlier or use the weekdays to go out. Then it's less crowded and you have more chances to see wild animals! Also discover the less crowded nature reserves in Zuid-Limburg. We have listed them for you. Let yourself be surprised!

Safe leisure time regulations together in a row:

  • Avoid crowds
  • Follow the route clockwise
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Dispose your waste

Heading to Zuid-Limburg without worries