Even more to discover

No reason to get bored

Zuid-Limburg is also appealing for a somewhat longer stay. Besides delightful family outings, sports activities and many events, for both young and old, there is much more to enjoy!

Fun shopping

Shopping in Zuid-Limburg is a great experience too. Zuid-Limburg offers the allure of the city with the most popular home decor and designer labels. However, you can also find history, craftsmanship and authenticity here, in cosy shopping arcades.

Museums, galleries & studios

Cultural Zuid-Limburg is bustling with the biggest events, exceptional exhibitions and fascinating museums. Be inspired by the galleries and studios
that are hidden all over the region. Show your creative side during one of the many artistic workshops.

Murals in Heerlen

Experience Heerlen’s concrete jungle by foot, join a Street Art tour and discover the most beautiful murals. The guide will take you to the most remarkable places in the city centre of Heerlen. Who are the artists behind those murals? Get to know all about the street art culture.

Land of castles and fortresses

Of the hundreds of castles and places that have shaped its landscape in earlier times, Zuid-Limburg still boasts a lot of them that have been very carefully restored. It’s possible to visit those and worth a trip by bicycle or on foot.

Get lucky at the casino

On top of the Cauberg in Valkenburg, Holland Casino is located. Here you step into a different world. The friendly staff and the hospitable atmosphere immediately make you feel welcome. Whether you’re trying your luck at the American roulette tables, Black Jack, or the slot machines: anything seems possible. 

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