Abdij Rolduc

Abdij Rolduc

Heyendallaan 82
Did you know that Rolduc is one of the top 100 UNESCO monuments in the Netherlands? There is so much to discover both on and around the domain.

Rolduc abbey is a former abbey in the district of Rolduckerveld in the Dutch-Limburg diocese of Roermond near the German border. The abbey played an important role in the mining of this area and in the earliest coal mining.

The original name was Rode Abbey or Kloosterrade, derived from the toponym -rode (mined place). Nearby is the town of Herzogenrath, capital of the Land of 's-Hertogenrade, with the Castle of Rode. In the French period, the name 's-Hertogenrade was Frenchified into Rode-le-Duc, which soon became Rolduc. The grounds also include an on-site brewery, a beautiful gallery, attractive gardens and patio ponds, and much more.

Tip! Curious about the stories or take a look inside? View the 360-degree tour or listen to the audio tour . Both tours are also accessible by scanning the QR codes on the facade sign at the abbey.
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