Valkenburg Adventure

Cave biking - adventurous cave tour - oldtimer tour - and much more!
Above and underground adventure at Valkenburg Adventure!

Valkenburg Adventure offers unforgettable activities in the beautiful South Limburg hills. And under those hills are hundreds of kilometers of tunnels. Valkenburg aan de Geul even has the longest continuous tunnel system in Europe: the Sibbergroeve.

Discover this mystical subterranean world in the Sibbergroeve, forty meters underground, together with one of the professional guides, on foot or by bicycle.

Cave biking
One of the highlights of Valkenburg Adventure is cave biking. Discover the marl caves on specially designed bicycles. It is a tour for all levels and so different from what you are used to.

After a descent of 163 steps and a safety briefing from your guide, it's time to set off. It is so impressively quiet down here and there is not a breath of wind…

The atmospheric light of the reception area recedes further and further behind you, until you can no longer see it. The corridors are pitch dark, lit only by your own bicycle light...

Incidentally, there is a constant temperature of 12 degrees in the caves, so this activity is suitable for summer and winter! And is 1.5 hours of cave biking not enough? Then take a look at the extensive program Cave biking through time.

Adventurous Cave Tour
An adventure on foot through the Sibbergroeve. Everyone gets a helmet and the tasks are divided. Who will be the lamp bearer, who will remember the numbers and who will be captain? Equipped with two oil lamps you enter the dark corridors.

The lamp carriers lead you to the first assignment while the rest stay alert on the route, because you can't miss a clue! Will you manage to be back within 1.5 hours?

This Adventurous Cave Tour is a fun activity in which cryptic riddles and exciting obstacles alternate. Complete the assignments well and find your way through the corridors yourself.

Teamwork is very important during this activity and there is a task reserved for everyone, big and small. A particularly fun activity for families, but it is also recommended as a company outing or bachelor party. The constant temperature of 12 degrees also makes this activity ideal for summer and winter!

Hiking orientation tour
Would you rather stay above ground, in the beautiful autumn colors or the light of the winter sun that peeks through the treetops? Then put on your walking shoes and get ready for a special walk through the beautiful South Limburg landscape.

No directions or google maps, no colored posts and no guide, because during this trip you will learn to find your way using a compass, map and the elements. The assignment booklet guides you through the landscape in this way.

The length is approximately seven kilometers (can be shortened), and is suitable for all ages. A delicious picnic for during the walk is included!

Other activities
Can't make a choice from the above activities or are you looking for something else? Then visit the website and read more about:

  • Cave scrambling tour.
  • Old-timer tour.
  • Mountain bike tour.
  • High Challenge.
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