Basiliek Heilige Amelberga

Salvatorplein 10
A monastery arose at the end of the seventh century on an elevation in a swampy landscape, within which a small hall church stood. The church is unique as an early medieval funerary church. Fourteen saints are buried in it, including Amelberga, mother superior of the women's abbey.

In the eleventh century, the monastery was completely rebuilt, transforming the basilica into the form in which it can still be seen today. St. Amelberga Basilica is still one of the region's religious gems. This special church is still the scene of a shrine every seven years.

The most special thing about this basilica is the Treasury, in which culturally valuable objects are kept to this day. Many people find it difficult to imagine that there is an art treasure in a village like Susteren.

Don't you believe it yet? You can still visit the Treasury by appointment to see these ecclesiastical treasures of Limburg with your own eyes. A sneak peek of the veil: you can see sarcophagi or coffins from around 700, Byzantine silver plates from 950 and a reliquary with various parts.

The Basilica of Saint Amelberga is one of the places of wonder on the Route full of Wonder . During this cycling route through the Grensmaasvallei, more than 30 locations can be visited digitally when they are not open to the public. Curious about the stories or take a look inside? View the 360-degree tour or listen to the audio tour.
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