De Geul van Mechelen naar Epen Wi20 Gulpen-Wittem

De Geul van Mechelen naar Epen Wi20 Gulpen-Wittem

Welcome to beautiful South Limburg, especially in the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem. This route takes you through the beautiful area of Mechelen towards Epen. You usually follow the course of the Geul .

This area is more than worth a visit. You have a beautiful view over the South Limburg hills . Both in Mechelen and in Epen you will find various catering establishments, where you can drink a delicious cup of coffee. You can also easily park here.

On this route, the red posts are not all clearly visible in nature. Take a walking map with you during your walk.

If you have any comments about the route, you can report them to .

A complete hiking map with dozens of other hiking routes in this region can easily be ordered via .

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Kapelaan Houbenstraat 5, 6285 AB Epen, Netherlands

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Walking route


5.9 km

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