Tom Dumoulin wielrenroute Zuid-Limburg

This is an official training tour of the former professional and former Giro winner Tom Dumoulin. If you cycle this tour, you will follow in the footsteps of Tom himself. In preparation for his big races such as the Giro and the Tour, he had to make a lot of training kilometers every year. Of course he did this in his own backyard: South Limburg. Tom lives just across the border in Kanne and from there he still travels in South Limburg. That makes sense because cycling is inextricably linked with South Limburg. The hills, altimeters and gradients have had a magnetic attraction for every cyclist for years. The area is well-organized, the route network is extensive, the calves are challenging and the opportunities for relaxation are everywhere, such as sunny terraces, fine cycling hotels and wellness. There are plenty of calf biters in the region that you must have overcome as a respected cyclist. It is hard suffering and intense enjoyment at the same time.

This Tom Dumoulin training tour is almost 95 km long. Along the way you have to overcome 590 altimeters. After the start at Decathlon Kerkrade you will encounter various nice places such as: Erenstein Castle, the lively market of Sittard and the historic core of Elsloo. Also nice on the way is the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park . This Bike Park is an innovative and high-quality course, completely tailored to the needs of cycling. Tom has attached his name to this because he thinks it is important that the target groups: from cyclists to mountain bikers and BMX riders, from junior amateurs to elite professionals can practice their skills somewhere.
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Decathlon, Roda J.C. Ring 67 te Kerkrade

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Race cycle route


94.3 km
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Herman Wehkamp
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