Schinveld RR08 - Schinveldse Bossen

Schinveld RR08 - Schinveldse Bossen

Just outside Schinveld is the special group of houses Nonke Buusjke: a collection of authentic South Limburg half-timbered buildings that have been completely preserved in the style of the past. A bakery, a syrup distillery, a clog factory, a weaving house: you will find them all here. The walking route RR08 takes the interesting Nonke Buusjke as its starting point and takes you from there to the untouched nature of the Schinvelderbossen. You can also go to Nonke Buusjke for a cup of coffee and parking is easy. You follow this walking route via the black posts with the pink band.
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Start- and endpoint

Nonke Buusjke, Heringsweg 5A, 6451 BP Schinveld

Type of itinerary

Walking route


5.9 km
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Herman Wehkamp
Coördinator Routepunt

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