Our culture & traditions

Zuid-Limburg has unique traditions that you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. It cherishes its unique traditions to keep the region’s rich past alive. Most of these stem from the religious history of the region.


During carnival the whole region is celebrating. Traditionally, carnival lasts for three full days, just before the fasting period, but in fact the festivities last for a full week.


Sweet tooths will love the region’s specialty, the vlaai. Traditionally, this flan is made of a fresh yeast dough, filled with locally grown fruit, and baked in a wood-burned oven.


Ancient traditions come to life every year during religious processions. You can easily recognise the route of the processions, as the streets are marked by white-yellow flags and decorated with beautiful flower arrangements.


The schutterij (literally marksmen’s guild) originates from the 14th century. In the Middle Ages its members acted as voluntary guards, protecting the church and the city. Nowadays they are a unique part of Limburg’s cultural heritage and traces of its religious origins are still evident. Historical costumes, parades and drum bands you can
see at 'The Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest' where 160 'schutterijen' come together.

The Maypole

Before the start of the summer, an old ritual of pulling in and ‘planting’ a maypole is carried out to bestow fertility on the cattle and the fields. In many villages a tall, bare pine is being erected on
the village square and decorated with the traditional wreath.

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