Highlights of Zuid-Limburg

Zuid-Limburg: more than just a short break!

There is so much to do and explore that time will be short when visiting Zuid-Limburg. Exciting caves in Valkenburg, the maze in Vaals, magical theme parks, award winning GaiaZOO in Kerkrade, flower gardens, spacious parks, cultural events, monuments, water sports on the river Maas, skiing in Europe’s largest indoor ski arena, and so on!


No matter what the weather or season, there are countless ways to spend an unforgettable day full of variety. In Zuid-Limburg you will never get bored!

The highlights of Zuid-Limburg

Active exercise and sport

Zuid-Limburg offers endless opportunities for active exercise and sport. In addition to walking, cycling and swimming, there is a whole host of possibilities including [crazy] golf, gliding, hot-air ballooning, mountain biking, bowling, riding, go-karting, quad riding, inline-skating, skiing, climbing or abseiling.

Cycling and walking along the river Maas

There are footpaths and cycle routes along the Grensmaas, the meandering part of the river Maas, which marks the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Between Roosteren and Maastricht there are several old and working gravel pits. There are no sluices along this part of the river, so water levels can vary markedly from season to season, creating a dynamic riverscape, which is unique in the Netherlands.

Explore this beautiful area along the river Maas to your heart’s content! The Zuid-Limburg Tourist Information offices can provide you with cycle route network maps. This network allows you to find your way about easily. It also includes ferry crossings on the river Maas at Berg aan de Maas and Eijsden.

Water recreation

Zuid-Limburg has a lot to offer to those seeking recreation and relaxation on the water.  The river Maas and the water-recreation area north of Eijsden (also on the river Maas) enable watersports in the region. The perfect day out whether you’re into some rigorous exercise or pure relaxation!

Shop 'til you drop!

Window-shopping, retail therapy or just a pleasant stroll through the streets? Don’t forget to take a break for coffee and a bite! Zuid-Limburg has all the amenities for a great day out.

Did you know that Zuid-Limburg has the largest retail park for home-furnishings in the Netherlands?
You can buy anything for your home and garden here and enjoy a tasty lunch in between. Other major retail parks lie close to the region, including the Designer Outlet Shopping Centre in Roermond or the Maasmechelen Village Outlet Centre, just across the Belgian border.

Spirit Youth

In the rush of today’s modern life, where things move at lightning pace and you can never stop to sit down and draw breath for fear of being left behind, the Free Your Mind itinari allows you to escape from daily stresses and demands that threaten to overwhelm. Free Your Mind allows you travel either by yourself or with a group, and undertake carefully prepared activities and itineraries with likeminded travellers who want to escape and discover something new about themselves and the world.

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Family day trips

There is something on offer for everyone in Zuid-Limburg! Young and old alike can enjoy a stroll through one of the zoos, a visit to a splendid amusement park or a fairy tale forest. The selection is huge and turns a family trip into an extraordinary experience. And no need to worry about bad weather. The kids can roam around for hours in the indoor playground. Zoos or global gardens? Hands-on museum or amusement park? Enchanted forest or maze? Your children will love the many options and definitely will be in for a return visit!

A great day out on public transport

Shopping with friends, a museum visit or a day trip with the
kids? Now your day out can come at an even lower price when you travel by Arriva bus and train. South Limburg has an excellent public transport network, and Arriva brings you to countless attractions and places of interest. With the OV-ToerPas you can travel for one or two days by bus and train in South Limburg!

You can buy the OV-ToerPas by one of the VVV offices in Valkenburg, Heerlen, Gulpen, Sittard, Vaals and Maastricht. 

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Land of castles and fortresses

Of the hundreds of castles and palaces that have shaped its landscape in earlier times, Zuid-Limburg still boasts a lot of them that have been very carefully restored. Thus, it is possible for the 'common people' to visit those 'noble fortresses'. It is worth a trip by car, by bicycle or on foot... just come and explore the beautiful castles and palaces that adorn the landscape. Of course, the highlight of the day when visiting such a wonderful castle is a tasty lunch or dinner in one of the castle restaurants and as a conclusion of this experience, a night spent in a comfortable room in one of the numerous castle hotels.

Marlstone and grottos

Zuid-Limburg is an area where a yellowish bedrock called marlstone comes to the surface. Valkenburg and its surroundings are known for its 250 km network of underground passageways. The marlstone caves and quarries of the region provide an insight into its fossilized past. The caverns are also used to reconstruct the past; for example, there is a replica coalmine and a reconstruction of Roman catacombs in the caves. But lesser known activities are also organized underground, such as Christmas fairs, survival tours and cycling and MTB tours.

Enjoy the underground Christmas markets

Enjoy the special Christmas cheer in Valkenburg! In addition to the atmospheric lighting and decoration of the city, the caves offer an absolute highlight: two underground Christmas markets! Many hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed the very special atmosphere at the underground Christmas markets in recent years. You will be impressed by the unusual surroundings and the beautiful decorations. The large range of Christmas gifts will especially impress lovers of the crafts trade.

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Spa and wellness

Zuid-Limburg is the right place to escape from every day’s stress. Let your mind wander and be pampered! Zuid-Limburg is becoming ever more popular as a spa getaway. See for yourself and marvel at the diversity of offers in the numerous wellness centres, day spas and hotels. Relax and recover in their beautifully designed saunas and enjoy a range of facial and body treatments and massages.

Peace and spirituality

Life in the information age with its endless possibilities, with everyone being able to communicate at any time and any place, gives rise to the desire to simply slow down and get a grasp of the essentials again. Zuid-Limburg, with its rich religious heritage, its stunning nature and the contagious casual lifestyle of the locals, is the right place to be when looking for peace and spirituality.

Museums and galleries

In Zuid-Limburg you can find an abundance of history and culture. For centuries, the area had been fought over by emperors, kings and bishops, evidence of which can be found today in the numerous museums and galleries. Visit Zuid-Limburg and discover art, history and culture, to experience in an up close and personal interaction.

Monuments in Zuid-Limburg

Limburg is one of the most important provinces in The Netherlands as far as monuments are concerned. Churches, castles and watermills predominate in the southernmost part of this province. The number of listed buildings in the towns and villages and the surrounding countryside is quite remarkable.

The cities’ green lungs

When you think of Zuid-Limburg, you think of extensive walking areas, large tracts of woodland and expansive meadows. The countryside of this upland region is just asking to be discovered. But the various towns also offer beautiful parks and gardens. Is it going to be a visit to Sittard, Heerlen or Kerkrade, or a walk across the Brunssummerheide? In Zuid-Limburg you can enjoy the scenery throughout the year in a region that looks almost alien to the rest of the Netherlands.

Savour Zuid-Limburg's culinary side

Zuid-Limburg’s inhabitants are known for the fact that they have a ‘Burgundian lifestyle’ as they like to enjoy all the good things of life: good food, great wine and extravagant spectacle. Like in the French Burgundy region it has become a way of life in Zuid-Limburg too. When visiting Zuid-Limburg, this will become readily apparent!

Zuid-Limburg´s craft food products

A visit to one of Zuid-Limburg’s craft food producers is a wonderful experience. Whether it's wine, beer, liquor, chocolate, apple juice or syrup, many companies in the region offer their guests the possibility of a guided tour where they will be initiated into the mysteries of the products and the company. Discover the culinary traditions in this way and taste both the good and healthy life - for example, during a visit to a vineyard or a brewery!

Fine dining

Indulge yourself with an exquisite meal in a winery, in one of the chateaus or - most unique - in an underground grotto! La Caverne de Geulhem is just one great example of a uniquely located gourmet restaurant in Zuid-Limburg. Some of the restaurants were even awarded the 'Gault-Millau', such as restaurant Tummers in Valkenburg or Kasteel TerWorm in Heerlen. In addition, there are also restaurants with distinctions from the Michelin Guide, like the Beluga and Château Neercanne in Maastricht. Culinary pampering possibilities in Zuid-Limburg are infinite. For more information, stop by; online, by phone or e-mail. Try us!


Zuid-Limburg also offers a diversity of night-time entertainment. Try your luck at the casino, watch a performance at the theatre or cinema, or dance the night away in one of the many discos. We have a full range of information on exciting nightlife entertainment.

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